Southwestern's Statements on Student Accommodations and Religious Holidays

Southwestern University will make reasonable accommodations for persons with documented disabilities. Students should contact Services for Students with Disabilities to determine their eligibility to receive accommodations.

Southwestern University recognizes that it has students from a variety of religious and cultural traditions that have special days of observance or celebration that may take students out of their regular activities on certain days during the school year. Since the academic calendar does not always coincide with these days, the following policy is to be followed in order to facilitate student absences due to cultural and religious observances.

  • As far in advance as possible, the student is expected to notify the professor(s) or instructor(s) of the class(es) to be missed.
  • The student is expected to learn what assignments or exams are due or will be assigned on those dates and negotiate with the professor(s) or instructor(s) alternate times for fulfilling those requirements.  Students should be prepared to fulfill the requirements prior to the class(es) to be missed.

Religious Holidays at Southwestern University.

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